What to watch

Tonight’s choices are all from the nineties:

First up:

The Sixth Sense

This is a first class choice, and don’t tell me you have seen it, that’s no excuse. ¬†Bruce Willis is brilliant, and so are all the other actors.


Independence Day

Another brilliant choice, with the very handsome Will Smith leading the way, Independence Day is a different sort of sci-fi to The Sixth Sense – more action, less creepy.


Toy Story

For people who are under twelve, I recommend Toy Story!  It is awesome, in every way.  In fact, everyone should watch it, whether there are children present or not.


And, one more, for your viewing pleasure:

Terminator 2: Judgement Day

This is one of my favourite films.  It is full of action and danger and humour and suspense.


It’s got Arnold, and that guy, and that woman…


It’s got Robert Patrick, a very scary and sinister baddie, to say the least.


And little what’s his name! ¬† The whole gang.


In my personal opinion, the very best Terminator movie.  I love every single Terminator film, but 2 is my favourite.

What to watch

What to watch tonight: Lethal Weapon.

Film and Television

This is one of my all time favourite films.  It has everything.  Action, excitement, running, standing still, talking, eating and driving.  Watch it, you will love it.


Look at the outfits – the outfits alone are worth watching for.


And look!  The Lost Boys is on at the movies!  (Lethal Weapon, sponsored by Pepsi)


From the office we’ll head to the beach…


And we can have a good laugh ūüėÄ


And have a good sit down, cos you’re tired.


So, that’s what we’re watching. ¬†But, it is an eighteen, so ¬†I will give you a couple more for younger viewers.

Song of the Sea is a great film Рcertificate PG Рit is beautifully animated, really truly, so beautiful.  It is an Irish film about a girl who discovers she is a Selkie, and has to rescue the supernatural creatures from the Celtic goddess.


It is unlike any other film I have seen, and it is wonderful.


Just look at all the gorgeous art in it!


It is one of the best animations in the world. ¬†So watch this too, even if you aren’t under eighteen.

There you have it!  You know what to watch now.  You are welcome.


High Fidelity

You don’t have to watch this tonight, or any night. ¬†This is a strange film, it so wants to be good, and it so nearly is. ¬†I really like a lot about it, even though I don’t really like the movie.


First of all, I really like the setting – it’s in this cool music shop, with loads of interesting shelves full of records and tapes and there’s stickers and badges and a cool old telephone. ¬†Very cool.


Second of all, I really like the characters.  I like Jack Black because he is brilliant and funny, and the other friends, they all have their own personality and outfits and they have good conversations.


I like the way the film is meandering, not really a heavy going plot sort of thing.


And the movie wasn’t in a big hurry to do anything. ¬†There’s a lot of hanging out and chatting. ¬†I really like that and appreciate that in a story.


I like that John Cusack wears sunglasses,


and that he and other characters read – you don’t see a heck of a lot of reading in films.


I liked that John Cusack looks at the camera and talks to the camera, explaining things to us, the viewers.


All of these things I really liked.


The problems I have with this film are that John’s character is such a grumpy-puss. ¬†So you don’t have a girlfriend. ¬†What ever. ¬†You have friends, you have a record shop, you get to listen to music and read magazines, lighten up, guy.

Cos that is basically what you see in this movie, you see him going through a list in his head of why his girlfriends all leave him. ¬†And he even contacts them to find out. ¬†It’s been a while, I think it turns out it’s because he’s a bastard. ¬†I’m not sure. ¬†Anyway, it’s just sort of heavy going, and going nowhere, which, as I said before, the latter I really quite like, but the former sort of spoils it. ¬†But, I do like all the things I said I liked. ¬†So…


What to watch

Ok, so you don’t know what to watch, and you need me to tell you. ¬†You were right to come here. ¬†I will give you the means to make the right decision. ¬†You must, I repeat, must watch all of these three films. ¬†I understand you may need to take three days to watch three films, as many people do (amateurs). ¬†Ok, let’s jump right in!

First of three choices is: Apollo 13 Рa brilliant space film on all accounts.  It has brilliant acting and costumes, a really great story with drama and suspense, as well as space ships and astronauts.

I will not say much because I don’t want to spoil the movie for you if you haven’t seen it or you have forgotten parts of it. ¬†These pictures can speak for themselves ūüėČ


I used to want to be an astronaut, but I think now what I really would like to do is work in that big computer room in Huston.  How about you?


The second of three films: Gravity!

I am think you may detect a theme today – SPACE! ¬†Who doesn’t love astronaut movies? ¬†Oh, some of you don’t love space or astronaut movies? ¬†No worries, I’ll make the third one a terrestrial movie ūüėČ Now, this film is flipping awesome, it’s really fantastic, so you really should watch it.


And now, for the third choice, possibly you don’t like space films, so here is a suggestion, just in case. ¬†This film is one of my favourites, it’s a great one if you want something fun and mellow. ¬†It’s funny and you should watch it, even if you do like space movies.

French Kiss

Very very funny, a great movie with great filming, writing and music.  Well worth watching if you get the opportunity.

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Ok! ¬†I’ve told you what to do, so now you just have to follow my instructions. ¬†Good luck!

What to watch


Ok, so you’re looking for a film to watch tonight? ¬†Look no further. ¬†I will tell you what is good. ¬†Here in this post you will find three films to choose from, unless you decide to watch all of them, in which case, good for you.

Die Hard

Alan Rickman is amazing in Die Hard.  All the acting is awesome, but I have to say Alan takes the cake in this one.  

There are some brilliant baddies, some thrilling heroics, some funny jokes, and some swear words.  What more could you want from a film?

top-20-movie-villains-of-all-time-a9c419d5-b3e4-4160-982e-845fa3447949-jpeg-84188 die-hard-mcclane-you-won-t-believe-what-the-die-hard-cast-look-like-now-jpeg-1165404-620x259

Executive Decision

Very exciting movie – I haven’t seen it in a while, that’s actually why I picked this one. ¬†I watched it a few times when it was a new film, and it’s really great. ¬†Aeroplanes, pilots, guns, wires, what more could you want? ¬†Excitement and humour, and all.


Benny and Joon

In case you’re not in the mood for an action thriller, here is a romantic comedy for you! ¬†There’s a lot of food in this film, it’s very fun and quirky. ¬†Painting, cooking, falling in love, family friction, life. ¬†Very funny and sweet. ¬†I think this is one of the best films ever made.

sam-johnny-depp-benny-joon-benny-and-joon-33813170-950-503joon-www-whysoblu-com_4216_2maxresdefault1Benny and Joon
Year: 1993
Director: Jeremiah Chechik
Mary Stuart Masterson960full-benny-and-joon-screenshot


National Security

I haven’t don’t a favourite film review for ages, so I’m sorry about that. ¬†The film I’m talking about today is called Matilda. ¬†Only kidding. ¬†It’s National Security – but you probably already worked that out.

This is such a funny film, and it’s a great action film too, which is a difficult negotiation which a lot of films fail to do. ¬†But the balance between action and suspense and comedy in this film are brilliant. ¬†The two main actors, Martin Lawrence and Steve Zahn are really great together, really great characters who argue a lot.


Martin has always wanted to be a cop, he’s a security guard. ¬†Steve was a cop, but now he isn’t, so he’s also a security guard.


And then a lot of other stuff happens. ¬†I can’t tell you.


I give this film five stars out of five stars. ¬†It is super awesome and one of my favourites. ¬†I really recommend it a lot. ¬†Watch it today! ¬†Or whenever you get the chance ūüėČ